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Iron, Sulfide and Manganese Removal Filters

Iron/Sulfide/Manganese Removal Filters

Iron and manganese in a water supply causes a red-black staining on all it comes in contact with. Many waters with these elements also have hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg odor).

These elements can be removed from the water supply by Filtering water through Manganese Green Sand. Manganese Greensand is oxygen charged sand that converts ferris iron (in liquid) to ferric iron (solid state) so it can be filtered. Oxygen is depleted from the green sand as iron bearing waters pass through it and must be replaced by injection of potassium per-manganate (KMnO4), and or Chlorine. All steel tanks are epoxy lined inside. Standard production units consists of 100 lbs. working pressure FRP tanks (up to 60” x 72”), and steel tanks (66”D and above), tested to 150 lbs. On larger units, there will be five low pressure drop valves used to perform the steps of backwashing, fast rinse and service.


Standard Features

  • Automated units
  • 100 PSI FRP or Carbon Steel tanks
  • Top mount Control Valves (up to 48”D tanks)
  • Actuated PVC Ball or SST Disc Butterfly Valves (54”D tanks and up)
  • Schedule 80 PVC Internal and External Piping
  • Inlet/Outlet SST Pressure Gauges

Optional Features

  • ASME Code Construction and stamp
  • Manual Systems
  • Explosion Proof Controls
  • PLC /HMI Controls
  • Hot water/Steam Sanitizable Units
  • Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel Internal/External Piping
  • Service and/or Backwash Flow Sensors
  • DP gauge, DP Switch or transmitter