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Water system

High Purity Water

Pharmaceutical manufacturing, water for dialysis, industrial manufacturing and  spot-free car wash.

Chlorine Removal

Significant benefits for laundry, dishes, hair, skin and plumbing.

Drinking Water

Free of chlorine, disinfection byproducts and impurities.

Chlorine Removal

If untreated, chlorine is inhaled,absorbed by the skin and ingested, posing significant health issues.

Since 1993

Water Zone is a commercial, industrial and residential water treatment company specializing in complete water system design, installations, and maintenance. Serving Florida since 1985, Water Zone provides cost-effective, innovative system design and prompt service. Read More

What is a Water Treatment System


Client Testimonials

"We appreciate his continuing level of commitment and service to our water treatment needs."
-Carl Pearse, Royal Manor Estates

Client Testimonials

"Bill’s experience with the Palm Beach Health Department and the DEP served as a major benefit to getting us where we are today. Good job, Water Zone!"

-Cameron Peacher, Faith Farm

Client Testimonials

"Good Service,Prompt arrival when contracted.Will use in future"

-John W., Lake Worth

Client Testimonials

"Josh was a seasoned professional who did good work and took the time to explain everything in perfect detail. The job was done quickly and right on schedule. Good system at a fair price (best of all quotes) with a warranty in line with more expensive systems. Would recommend Water Zone for quality, value and service."

-Bill B., Palm City


Take a look at all the ways Water Zone, Inc. can serve you!

With services such as commercial reverse osmosis, Water Zone, Inc. offers premiere water treatment to West Palm Beach.